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I’m right! You’re wrong.

September 7th, 2014


Let’s keep this short (probably not).

I am right, therefore, you are wrong!

I don’t eat animals. You shouldn’t eat meat!

I unschool my kids. You shouldn’t have your kids in school!

I don’t own a gun. You shouldn’t think they are okay!

I am very spiritual. You should agree with my spiritual ideas!

I think most romantic comedies are degrading to women. You should never watch one again!

I believe less is more. You need to stop buying stuff!

I think FoxNews has a minor bias. It’s only minor, but mostly fair and even keeled and never sensational. Oh come on!!!! Turn the damn channel and stop filling your head with those lies and deception. You KNOW I’m right!!!!!!

In conclusion, I am RIGHT and you are clearly unequivocally WRONG!

It’s not personal, it’s just a fact.

You see, in my head I have considered every alternative perspective. I have walked in your shoes and lived your life, thus I am clearly qualified to dismiss your beliefs.

If you were wise enough, or intelligent enough to walk around in my head you would feel silly, embarrassed for ever disagreeing with me.

“Holy sh*t!”

(That’s what you would say. Nice choice of profanity, a clear sign of your lack of vocabulary.)

“I am wrong. Travis is right. It is so clear to me now!”

Now you’re getting in.

“Hey everyone! Stop what you’re doing. You guys know Travis? That amazing coach and speaker…”

Okay, I like where this is going.

“You’ve never heard of him?…”


AMOY: Beep Beep Beep!

AMOY: Beep Beep Beep!

Saturday, November 9th

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AMOY: Stamp Love!

Sunday, July 15th

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