After 9/11: Human Triumph

After 9/11: Human Triumph



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It is difficult to not wake up on 9/11 and think back to the specifics of that day 11 years ago. So many of the details are deeply engraved in my head.

My wife and I were living in Boston and expecting our first child.  At the time I was working for a spirituality Web site dedicated to people finding a common connection through spirituality – and hoping to bring an uplifted thought to the world. On 9/11 – our work took on a much higher purpose!

A few short weeks after the tragedy I was hosting an online series with inspiring speakers responding to the attacks.  I was interviewing Phyllis Tickle (former Religion and Spirituality editor for Publishers Weekly). Someone asked about when it would be okay to laugh or smile again. Her response floored me. So simple and powerful – I will never forget it. She replied, “Laughter is the voice of human triumph!”

One more time…Laughter is the voice of human triumph!

I will never forget this because it reaffirmed that no matter how bad things are – our spirit can still triumph through joy!

I have lived my life differently since 9/11. I have more purpose in my life – and I try to inspire and encourage it in others!

That is what living your YES is all about. Laughing in the face of tragedy. Joy always prevails.

What are you saying YES to in your life?

I hope everyone has a sacred day today!



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  1. Well said, Phyllis. And thank you Travis for bringing her words to us on this day — Evan

  2. I love this and will remember it. Thank you. This can be used today in wake of Lybia, etc.

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