The YES Tour: Feeling Blu!

Week 1 of the YES Tour is behind us. We started in Bellaire, MI and worked our way down to St. Louis for the week. Click on my video below for a recap of the week’s activities.

So, why am I feeling Blu? Well, I am proud to announce that I have said YES to a wonderful opportunity to work with a friend and an organization I have stood firmly behind for the past 8 years. My good friend, and WorldBlu founder, Traci Fenton opened the door to be a part of Team Blu! I am excited to bring my YES skills to the Blu Team as I assist organizations and individuals become freedom-centered workplaces. Moving from fear based to freedom based environments at work – that is a whole lot of YES!

So, 30 Days of YES is not going anywhere. I will continue to offer transformational programs on living your YES – as well as blogging and celebrating people expressing their purpose. I am still available for one-on-one YES coaching, speaking, and any additional resources. And, if you or your organization want to know more about WorldBlu and why every company should be a part of the WB community – please be  in touch with me! It is something I am passionate about.

While I am on the subject – you should come join us for Blu Camp happening October 16-20th in Missouri. This is a wonderful way to experience the principles behind WorldBlu and democratic workplaces – as well as working with experienced WoldBlu coaches (like yours truly).


* Hollister helping take the wheel

* Our wonderful view in Boulder, CO

* Travis driving with Denver in the background

* Our wonderful view in Grafton, IL

* Saying goodbye to Lake Bellaire in Michigan

* Some of the best ladies in the world!

* Our last night with our cousins in St. Louis

* Hanging out on the streets of Boulder

  1. YAY – YES to BLU, that makes my heart sing! Can’t wait to hear all of the details!
    So much love to you ALL!

  2. What an awesome week….so grateful you have this opportunity to spread your wings and FLY……waiting for more pictures… and hugs…..JuJu

  3. Fantastic Travis! I too can’t wait to hear the details. It’s amazing how quickly things are already falling into place. Leap and an express elevator to your highest aspirations will appear!


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